Transcription ・ Chord charts, lead sheets & SCORES・Backing Tracks・Piano arrangements・Vocal group & Choral arrangements・String Arrangements・Horn section arrangements・SMALL ENSEMBLE ARRANGEMENTS・Big Band ArrangementS・Musical Direction



Whether you're a singer-songwriter who needs to make a few chord charts for your band, you want to add strings, horns or backing vocals to a recording, or you need a musical director oversee a larger project, we can help.

Our teachers and wider network of colleagues in Melbourne, Australia are highly skilled at transcribing, arranging and producing written and recorded music for a broad range of applications, including:

  • Creating high quality chord charts, lead sheets and scores from recorded music

  • Backing vocal arrangements for pop, rock, folk and other contemporary styles

  • String arrangements for pop, rock, folk and other contemporary styles

  • Horn section arrangements for pop, rock, folk and other contemporary styles

  • Vocal group, doo-wop, acapella and choral arrangements for small and large groups

  • Big band arrangements

  • Arrangements for traditional small ensembles (piano/guitar/uke, bass, drums, vocals)

  • Arrangements for non-traditional small ensembles (strings, horns, bluegrass instruments, percussion)

  • Arrangements for beginner and community ensembles

  • Musical direction for album recordings, tribute shows, cabaret, musical theatre, performance art & other productions

  • Producing backing tracks for rehearsal and performance

Our musicians all work as freelance performers, for both studio and live session work, as well as writing and arranging music for their own small and large ensembles, vocal groups, choirs and big bands. They are skilled at producing high quality, readable arrangements and scores that minimse rehearsal time, and are tailored to the skill level and instrumentation of an ensemble.  They can also act as musical or sectional directors for projects and recordings, and can coordinate production of high quality backing tracks.